Light from Uncommon Stars

Published by: Tor Books

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Light from Uncommon Stars. I am excited for representation of gender identities, and the realistic but sad reaction from some of the other characters. <br /><br />Katrina Nguyen is a trans teenager that is abused at the hands of her father. Big trigger warnings on abuse, violence, anti-trans sentiments, and misgendering. The lack of self-worth that Katrina has is unfortunate. <br /><br />As I am reading it, I’m rooting for her. The way that Shizuka Satomi affirms Katrina is beautiful. <br />“Katrina. In my business, one does not care about bodies. One is only concerned with souls.”

“It’s fine to be a diva. But you have to own it.”

“One doesn’t cut a diamond by being gentle”

“Katrina, you’re looking for a friend, not a lover”

“No. Silence has been good to us”

When I walked away from the book after reading it, I was confused with all the back and forth and I wished the author had fleshed out many of the characters and spent more time writing it. I would have like a second book in which many of the situations would not have felt rushed. Let me make myself clear, it was still an amazing book. I recommend it wholeheartedly.